Thursday, March 10, 2011

What wrong with your Pucker honey?


I came across this picture and just had to share it with you. I mean I pray to god that this isn't real, that some so called doctor out there didn't actually agree and approve of doing this to some already beautiful girls face. It really amazes me, really, to be frank in my line of work i come across actors & actresses that have had work done, at one point i think everyone will.  Most of the  work I have seen close up has been pretty good actually and some  i couldn't even tell, but there have been times when inside my head I'm saying "what did you do, baby girl?  and then I have had opportunities to worked with more mature actresses some legendary that have yet to do anything, and look amazing... I even at one time wanted a nose job, and well i really didn't need it back then like i may do know, but the Dr, I went to see, said NO! and in the long run I really do appreciate it. It's rather sad to me to see these young beautiful starlets completely change there faces, its funny for that fact they are already stars and there real looks where perfectly fine in the first place,  but because we are in Hollywood lets me real, looks first , talent second and if you have both your bound for some sort of fame even if for just 15 minutes! Thanks ANDY!
I will not name names , so  please don't ask, cause a boys gotta work in this town. Anyway thanks for letting me rant i just had this to say it, and I leave you with this ditty of a quote,

"MAKE UP THAT FAR JUMP IN THE RACE, LIFE'S A BITCH IN THIS TOWN", The Go-go's couldn't have sang it better!
Have a great day ya'll!
mykie Xoxo

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