Saturday, March 12, 2011


 [or maybe just the colors mykie  loves]

So one of the newest trends for spring and 2011 is  NUDE nail polish, and I'm even thinking Peachy-Nude even better. I love nail polish and have a pretty good nail kit that i take to work with me on set, hey, you never know when you will need a  LEE PRESS ON NAIL ok! but unfortunately the smell from the polish literally puts my head into a spin and I can go straight to the ground. THUD! SPILL ON ISLE 14, That would be me.  But It doesn't stop me from liking the end results.  I love the subtle look of a nude nail, it balances your already neutral attire and  allows your clothe to take center stage if you choose to go bright and bold. Do you know what the best thing about nail polish is? you can change it pretty quickly to match what ever look your going for. And most current nail polish are made with out hard harsh chemicals and actually dry pretty fast. Also adding a layer of QUICK DRY TOP COAT and dry your polish even quicker.
 So here are a few nail polished that I love and the brands that i think are amazing. Check out for your self.

This brand is one of my all time favorites, Its from the UK and it's gaining quite a following here in the US.
I really love their color palette and  just the over all look on the nail. They don't have very many nude shades to pick from actually, but the few they do have ate fantastic.

Nails: Tea With The Queen Butter London 

Awesome brand! They are based out of New York City. They are a chain of nails parlours  that use there own brand of nail polish for all there manicures and Pedicures. They have an amazing selection of Nude shades to choose form, take your pick...
Rescue Beauty Lounge Nudes
Colors L-R   Top Row:Sheer NaturalSheer NudeSheer Pink
Bottom Row:Medium WhiteAniLulu

If your in New York Check out the Lounge
Rescue Beauty Lounge 
34 Gansevoort St # 2, New York, NY 10014-1584(212) 206-6409 rescuebeautylounge
deborah lippmann
Deborah Lippmann makes a stellar nail polish and in terms of quality and her colors  you can't go wrong. Her most popular colors are her amazing glitters, but she does make some pretty amazing nudes as well.
Deborah Lippmann Nudes

PS. here's something to consider- nude nails can look refreshingly demure too, yet sexy and alluring at the same time so make sure your polish is glossy to hi-gloss so you don't end up looking like your have mannequin hands.

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