Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little History & A Rant: All About Nails Polish!

A Little History & A Little Rant About Nail Polish

Painting your nails is a very huge trend and everyone does it, little girls love it, our mom's wear it and even our sweet ole grandmothers  paint there nails, My Nana was always a Cool Coral, and it matched her lipstick all the time. And even men do it, weather there rockers, or Metro, or even trannies. Nail Polish is something that isn't going away  and with the new lines popping up with The beautiful people like Katy Perry and such endorsing them its not likely to fade away anytime soon. So I thought why not looking to nail Polish and what it all about? where did it start? and this is what i discovered, It seems that painting your nails just might be one of the oldest  beauty trends in the world. The Chinese have been adorning there nails since 3000 B.C. by using a mix of Arabic gum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax. While other ancient cultures used stains from henna and massaging tinted powders into the nail. It seems that to having painted nails was so Important for women that recipes for making your own polish or then call varnish where included in most 19th century cookbooks. Hum, thanks google for that little tid bit. Thank god that the technology has progressed thru the years right? could you see your self massaging tinted powder form some stain berry into your nail beds? not!

Lets face it nail polish is so much more then varnish, paint, its part of your look, your feeling of who you want to be and how you want to introduce yourself to the world. when you meet someone you shake hands right?  Mini-skirt inventor Mary Quant is less known  for her deciding that your nail 's might not only match you lipstick, which like my Nana did, i adore this look. But that you should and could match your nail color to your clothing. Thank god her mod styles demanded something other then red nails, so putting that aside and introduced us to pastels that later became all the rage of the 60's.

In the 1970's French Manicures  where the hottest nail trend, a term that was created by ORLY founder Jeff Pink. who created the muted manicured look that is today considered so timeless  and classic that its worn on ones most important days such has a wedding. Its a classic for a reason. I always prefer my actress to  stick to this timeless look for there nails it's less distracting on film and you never have to worry about continuity.

And with all the new nail trends popping up and the styles changing and new products to choose from, its clear that the love affair isn't close to over.

           Here's Some Interesting facts:
The divine Miss. Davis Doing here nail? jungle red maybe?

  • Class Act: Nail polish is thought to have originated in China as early as 3000 BC when the Chinese used to paint their nails (with a mixture of egg whites, beeswax, and Arabic gum) according to the colors of the ruling dynasty. Apparently, wearing nail polish was a marker of class: only the upper class sported it. If you were lower class and tried wearing nail polish? Death penalty. (At least, some sources say.)

  • Cleopatra Fans: The tradition was also around in Ancient Egypt, where the upper class (Cleopatra among them) used to color their nails with henna or blood (!). The redder the shade, the higher in society you were.

  • Sweet ‘n Simple: Jumping ahead to the 1800s. Color wasn’t around so much, and people went more for the simple manicure. You could, however, find polish recipes in cookbooks. Weird! We want to find one of those and try it out for ourselves.
  • Rev-ed Up: Nail lacquer as we know it gained popularity in the ‘20s as a flapper trend. Some credit a woman named Michelle Manard as the first inventor of nail polish, who took inspiration from high-gloss car paints. Others say it was the Revlon brothers who really pioneered the field, coming out in 1932 with a popular nail enamel (that’s obviously endured the test of time).


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