Monday, March 19, 2012

Get In The Soup With WARHOL Toy Soup Cans

 If you Love crafts and art then try this on, ANDY WARHOL at home... I am so in love with this...please check KATIE DAY and all her amazing things.........have fun.


Sometimes it's not all about makeup and beauty, sometimes its about the beauty and love of food so try this. I found this and wanted to share it with you.. I made this and it was delicious...

recipe from : SATSUKI

so here's what your gonna need...

  • + vegetables (anything you like or left over in your kitchen). my staples usually are: onion, some kind of bell pepper
  •  (i like red), mushroom/shimeji. broccoli & other hard vegetables seem to work as well
  • + meat/tofu (i used apple chicken sausage in this version, but feel free to experiment with different kinds of protein)
  • + 2~3 Tbsp ketchup (or depends on ketchup-y you like it to taste)
  • +  salt & pepper
  • + dried garlic 
  • + dried basil

Let The Sunshine In~ With BENEFIT'S SUN BEAM

I wanted to share a new find, when it's really not a new find, seeing it was sent to me by the Lovelies over at BENEFIT COSMETICS. SUN BEAM. LOVE IT! I used it on my actress during my last film, it was a Western set in the 1870's so I had to sneak it in some how and i did. Placing it ever so lightly on the top of the cheek bone... gave her a slight sun glow!
This golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sunkissed radiance. Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek & brow bones for a bronzed glow that complements all skintones. It’s liquid sunshine in a bottle!

Dot on top of cheekbones & blend towards the hairline. Dab under each brow & gently blend.

BEAUTY TIP: Start with hoola, our award-winning matte bronzer, then apply sun beam for a brilliant golden finish. You’ll look sexy & sun kissed!. $26.00 a little last you forever too.benefitcosmetics

Tuesday, March 13, 2012



I sometimes like to look into my set bag and makeup kit and see what I have in there that I can't live without. Sometimes it's a product that is a staple for me, something that is always there. 
And Somethings just maybe a passing trend. but share with you I will do, cause I love to turn people on........

Who doesn't love and use KLEENEX? It's a must must have in any artist set bag , kit or Trailer. If they don't have any, run...... I adore these mini pocket pouches, first off they're adorable and creative and come in amazing prints. and they're perfect for an actors set bag. oh and cheap! avail anywhere Kleenex brand is carried.. SNEEZE SNEEZ!

check out these amazing old school ads.. fun huh?

These are by far my favorite tweezers these days. I mean look at them, they're so funky and cleaver. TWEEZERMAN brand is to me the top shelf, you can't get better then this.
Check out the amazing selection of funky cool tweezers and of course there more traditional ones as well. tweezerman.I got mine at sephora


I started using Duwop's REVOLUTION
the minute they released it. It does what i need it to do and it doesn't stain, LOVE THAT! face it, you never know when someone's white ass leg are going to need some color! 
$28.00  duwop/sephora

OK I went on an on-line search for this company. NADA! at least i couldn't fine any info.
But i can tell you that I can't live without these.  They are perfect for personal actor bags. i don't like the idea of people sharing nail files. right?  So i found these  at the 99cent depot in Culver City..$1.00 can't beat that, I am sure that you can find them anywhere...they come in various styles too.. fancy!

Friday, March 9, 2012


beauty is more illusion  than reality....
Carolina Herrera

how can I be a role model when people haven't heard me speak or know what 
i think?
christy turlington

"what you stand for goes way beyond selling mascara"
Isabella Rossellini




I already love Dermalogica's product, but these are my newest favorites. This foaming wash clears up  your dead skin cells and extra oils to help clean your skin and i mean deep clean. Clears up breakouts from your face, back and well every where.  The salicylic acid gets in deep to help clear all the oils trapped in your skin that cause bacteria. Orange Peal Oil revives and energizes & refreshes.. YUM!

Tips: Lather in your hands then massage over damp face, neck ...? then rinse. easy!


This refreshing mist splashes over skin to control shine and keep breakouts at bay. Instantly cools. Instantrefreshes. Sesame Seed Extract helps control surface oil and shine, especially in the T-zone. Licorice, Burdock, and Argan extracts help hydrate, calm, and shield skin from environmental exposure. Amazing! $18.00 Clean Start

 TIPS: After cleansing, spritz over face and body with eyes closed. 
check out all there stuff, you will love it!


Well it seems KATY PERRY has her eye on more them pop music and nail polish.....
she's going into the Peeper lash biz......and what I see here, I Adore this big, beautiful with layered effect. There very wearable and flattering. all lashes are 100% handmade too. oh, and there reusable ladies... brought to you via Eylure!
$6.99  ULTA

lookin' good!

OMG! I have a thing for nail polish, thou I only ever wear it on my toes. So when i take my socks off at the beach  I have a little flare.. I came across
The Balm HOT TICKET nail Polish. Color's galore... $10.00 THEBALM

  • Pale in Comparison
  • I Take my coffee matte & black
  • Oh my Goth
  • Root Beer Gloat
  • Nothing rhymes with Purple
  • Girls just wanna have Plum
  • A Fushcia too Many
  • Lilac any Sense
  • Don’t Pink & Drive
  • Sky Blue right past You
  • A Case of the Blues
  • Let’s make a Teal
  • Jade in the USA
  • Grass is(nt) always Greener
  • Hella Yella
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Orange you glad you’re not Blue
  • Pink of Swim
  • Coral Reef-ined
  • The missing Pink
  • Magneta Disposition
  • Red from Cover to Cover
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • That’s Red-iculous
  • Candy Apple-A-Day
  • All you ever do is Taupe
  • Call me Iridescent
  • Silver Spoon Me
  • Don’t Metal in my Business
  • You’re so hot and gold
  • ZZ Top Coat (top coat)
  • I’m Base and I came to get Down (base coat)
  • Time for a Quicky (Quick Dry Coat)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product Pick of The Week: Purple Lab

Product Pick of The  Week!

So you like big plump lips right? Of course you do, I know that i do.. Huge Lips Skinny Hips, the yummiest lip plumper equipped with Hoodia, is for every woman who ever craved plump-looking lips that beg to be kissed. There are eight shades: Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines), Mauve Shimmer (Worship Kate), Pink Sheer (Kitty Pole Dancer), Sheer Red (Red Sole),Exotic Coral (Love Your Thighs), Barely Peach Shine (Lychee Martini), Pale Pink (Limo to Lobby) and Berry Rosy Sparkle (Goji Berry Smoothie) . It's light, not sticky, and not tacky and the formula is innovative and glam at once, giving you shine, juiciness, softeness. It's your new dinner party secret weapon, the perfectly chic reminder to avoid over-carbing to the point of oblivion!

Simply clear. Crystal. Love it as a layer over any other lip color or just on its own when you want to give your lips a hit of sheen and moisture.  $25.00 purplelab

pick a shade that  you can rock. or just try them all!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Zooey’sMentoWatchof2012Photographer: Dan Busta


Director: Derek Wood
Stylist: Lyndzi Trang
Stylist’s Assistants: Jane Lee and Ashley Symone Lee
Hair: Noogie Thai and Henry Sanchez
Makeup: Myke Spezzano and Allison Bryan
Location: The Forge
Men who were featured: Harry Shum Jr., Noel Fisher, Jonathan Kite, Chris D’Elia, Max Greenfield, Scott Porter, Gabriel Mann, David Hoflin, Ashton Holmes, Michael Steger, Reggie Lee, Simon Quarterman, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Kristoffer Polaha, Mark Deklin, Graham Phillips, and Alexander Ludwig.

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