Saturday, March 12, 2011

GLAMAZON ALERT: New Products To Beautify Your Lips & Eyes

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!or new to me products

Check out these other shades as well,
Ladies Man,  Sugar Daddy & Lover Boy (My Fav)

Loving these mini eye penicils for the BALM,  they water resistant so go ahead have a good cry, you still be pretty!
they glide on really smooth for a prefect application, easy to smudge if your trying to smoke it out. 
This set contains three mini eye pencils in  ROMEO [a sleek sexy smokey gray], DON JAUN [  deepest black], and CASANOVA [a lusturous rich brown]. comes with a divine case to keep the together and safe cause you won't want to loose these beauties oh, and  it's very own sharpner.


“Pucker Up - Your pout has never looked so perfect!" - Napoleon 

New this season, check out Napoleon Pedris new LIP LAQCURS, there ultra gal and available in 10
electric colors.

My Personal fav at the moment,

Thes little babies are divine and ready for shine, drench your lips and hydrate your pout at the same time.
Vitamin E, and exotic Hawaiian KuKu Nut heal and protect your lips. while Avacado, Jojoba, Camomile
and Hazelnut lock in moisture. Wow! ist a smoothie for your lips! check out the rainbow of colors ranging from 
Lilac to Fuschia, pink to bronze and more. there $18.00 bucks  but a little goes a long way! shop Napolean Perdis


  1. (you misspelled "appreciated" or did blogger? not sure) anyway, hi it's julie! i finally figured out how to follow you. blogger can be needlessly complicated huh? so how DID you manage to share all of those links on your page? to sephora, to different retailers, etc? i am clueless on that. i can barely manage to log into my account on here! haha. no i'm really computer savvy but this site is kinda trippy. so follow me to now por favor!

  2. *too! if you want to read me bitch about men, give my opinions of films, tv shows, books, or any other random thing. :P

  3. you know i spell check and even after a spellcheck one should still proof read. LOL if you want to link an iteam, in the post box there a link button, just click on that and add web address and title it what you want, once you learn you will breeze throu it.

  4. You are a rock star Miss you Marina


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