Friday, March 4, 2011

That's A Wrap!


Teri Polo
I have just come home from a pretty good last day of being on set for my new little film called,WITHOUT RESERVATIONS. Staring  the Talented TERI POLO. A for all of you that don't know her on a personal note, she is one of the best people to work with, truly she lets you do your job and allows you to create while instilling confidence to you, because she knows your looking out for her. This is my 4th? show with her and i hope there are many more in my future. Not only is she a gem of an actress she is one of the funniest ladies, crazy ladies that you will ever meet, i can't tell you how many takes where interrupted, by a fart sound, a heckle, a snort or a crazy fish faced plastic dance walk, i guess you would have to be there for that one, but it was hilarious. Also starring in her own comedic right is the lovely ROMY ROSEMONT, OK, this one, wow! funny and the two of them together ,well let's say LUCY & ETHEL, hey that's an idea for a pilot at least, but as lesbian's. HEHE! I have had an amazing time . I will let you guys know in the future when it will premiere, at the moment I have no clue. It's a cute little story about dropping your guard    and letting yourself fall in love. and food!  stay tuned!
Me & Romy Rosemont

mykie xoxo


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