Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Palettes Are A Girls Best Friend! Or Carry your face in your purse!

Various Palettes from my makeup box

Like Marilyn Monroe sang, " Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend", well that may still ring true but I'm here to say that a close second in line is a fabulous makeup palette.  The Idea of a Makeup Palette is,  All you need in one place. Think about it, your whole face in a palette of various shapes and sizes and you just toss it in your purse and hit the streets on your adventures, weather your a hipster out on the town or a career girl with her eye on the boss,  a makeup palette makes  going to the "powder room" a piece of cake, gone are the days  of digging through your purse for all those pesky small individual cosmetics, and besides that means you have one big ass bag.

well loved palettes

 So I thought it would be a neat idea to  showcase a few Makeup Palettes that I use in my work.  They are amazing for throwing into your set bag and hitting the set ready to do lite touch ups or actually do someone right then and there, which sad to say I have done many time. Most Palettes are that of eyeshadows, there are quite a few out there that include eye shadows, cheeks, and lips, some even a shine powder. These little gems have saved my life and the face of a few starlets out there! so maybe they can be of some help to you.....There are so many lines  out there to choose from and every brand makes a palette, you just need to find the one the best suit you! Now check it out, enjoy , take it in, learn and go make yourself pretty.....Mykie Makeup!

Pretty Powerful Palette- Pretty
A Sweet Little Palette with wearable pinks & browns for your eyes, cheeks & Lips.
This is a limited -edition palette inspired by Bobbo's signature natural , healthy look.
Contains: 4 eyes shadow, Pretty Pink Powder Blush for adding fresh pop to color to your apples. 
and 2 rosey glosses that brilliantly shine. Bobbi Brown / Sephora

LORAC's Greatest Hits Palette
Rock the Red Carpet with LORAC's Greatest Hits CD1.
This color coordinated face palette contains LORAC's best selling shades for eyes, 
cheeks and lips, everything you need to get Red Carpet ready an instant!
contains: 5 Eyeshadows
            Lip/Cheek Tint
            Lip Gloss
$48.00 at Sephora/ Lorac.com

Vintage Glamour Palette

The Ultimate Fashion accessory, a beautiful and versatile face, eye, lip &
 Cheek colours all in one handbag sized palette. Avail at JemmaKidd & TARGET

This Mega Palette sells out every year. It's the biggest, baddest pallete 
and beauty Junkie is jonzing for with  nearly 80 shades of amazing color 
combinations you are guarentied hours of fun and discovery. I can do everyones
 face with this one grande beatue palette.

49 shadows
10 eye creme liners
6 brow powders
1 brow wax
8 lip glosses
2 blushes
1 bronzer
i highlighter
4 mini brushes for $59.00 bucks. dang that's a fantastic deal.@Smashbox

NP Set Nepoleon Perdis
I fell in love, head over heals with this mega-palette inspired by a vibrant garland of flowers. Its' perfect!
It includes :
18 eye shadows
4 blushes
4 lip glosses 
All enriched wit Vitamin E to nourish skin. $32.00 and yup at Target!

I got turned on to this little diddy from the amazing ccelebrity hair dresser Vito Trotta
While working on Oxygen's Hair Battle with actress Brooke Burns he cane to work and
gave this to me, he said, Ermahn gave it to them, turns out they live in the same
complex, small world, and I love it. cool pigment , and blends well.
so far available at FrendzBeautysupply

And just for fun, check out these cheepie deals i 
found at my local 99 cent and up store. I got them just for fun, 
the colors where vibrant and loud and i thought , 
i could maybe use them for a Halloween scene of what ever really.
Well, I will be damned! These little palettes are pack with 
amazing pigment and color and hold on for a
long time, I am so surprised that i have gotten a few more. 
I am a bit concerned about what they are made of, 
i guess that will be my next task. So far no ones complained.


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