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6 IN THE BAG: Products That Live In My Set Bag

 IN THE BAG: Products That Live In My Set Bag 
This Is actually alot cleaner than normal!

As a Pro makeup artist working in the biz, you have to carry a set bag while on set. It's filled with everything from , Q-tips, Puffs, Lipstick Palettes, Brushes, Lotion, lip balm, dental floss and yes, even sanitary napkins of some sort. Basically everything, you'll need to be prepared for what ever is needed.
Some on my set bags vary as well, say if i am working as a personal, well, i will have what's need for that particular person, example, I work with The Lovely Brooke Burns,   my set bag for her is much smaller, must haves are, Breathe Strips, Smashbox Baby Pout Lip gloss, MAC C4 compact,  and  hand wipes, oh, and  lavender hand sanitizer, she's easy. but you get the idea.  As a whole there are a few things I MUST Have in my set bag and there's good reasons for them too. So I thought it would be fun to share them you you all and if you can take anything from it, great!  Everyone has what works for them and it's fun to learn and get ideas from other too.

I love YON-KA products. I was turned on to them while working with Brooke Burns on  HAIR BATTLE, They hooked us up and It have been a constant in my kit and set bag at all times.  This anti- radical cream  guards against UV damage and premature signs of aging , ugh! who wants that right? Also it protects sensitive skin  and prevents age spots caused with sun damage. That aside, I like it cause it's makeup compatible. it works well with most makeup from what I have  seen and it's easy to re-apply during the day ~not only as a SPF, but to moisturize too. $53.00

Here's a TIP: i have been know to use this cream  to re-boost under they eyes and smooth out the crinkles and lines that sometime appear after long wear.

what's in it:
Natural sun filters - protection from UVA, UVB and IR - allantoin, sunflower oil, vitamin E, fruit extracts and the 5 Quintessence E.O. (Lavender, cypress, rosemary, thyme and geranium)

2. CLEAN & CLEAR Oil Absorbing Sheets
 Honestly I really didn't like the idea of these types of oil papers, 
i thought them to be kinda unsanitary actually, I mean, i don't want all your grease one me. But While working on FX Channel THE LEAGUE,  makeup artist Erin Good who was using  on the cast of  five men ,who where a oily bunch. So i tried them, and I  liked, very much.  It Instantly soaks up the excess oil and removes shine from your face and will not smudge makeup. and the difference  between other blot papers, these will not leave powder residue like some do. $5.00  @TARGET

3. SKIN MD NATURAL OK, needed a clean, fragrant free moisturizer, ran into CVS and found this, That was 2 years ago and it's one of the first things i  buy while prepping a new show.  So non greasy and absorbs fast. It's a new concept in skin care, Shielding Lotion,  it forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. Also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin,to help heal the  skin better.  with in a few days your skin Will feel the effects of regeneration of skin moisture levels. CVS


This Little jar of 100% silica powder is the best thing since Dr.Pepper, really! What this is, is a universal translucent finishing powder  that you dust over foundation or can wear alone.
It softens the appearance of imperfections and  evens out the complexion for a glowing radiant look, Blah Blah! it's great for all skin types, i mean any one's and you need use the littlest bit to achieve what you need. 

I love this powder it was like a whole new world opened up for me in the makeup world. i keep on in every ones bag and one in my pocket just in case I am in a pinch. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! $30.00 comes smaller for $15.00

5. Aquaphor is a life saver in so many ways, I can thank Teri Polo for turning me on to this, we where shooting in the dry desert during July and wow, was the skin and lips on that set dry, i mean crack city and this healed every chapped lip in days. This is always on me at all times, its come in handy for its other purposes, i mean its for babies right? and whats good for baby skin it great for ours.  I mostly use Aquphor for chapped and dry faces, I can apply some during last looks a hit it with a bit of powder, it may not last that long , but for that scene its awesome. Great for  dry, flaky skin  around the nostrils.$6.00 everywhere! TARGET


It's a must have for me.  A really great lip palette is one that has a wide range of  shades that just in case you need to pop on some color your ready to fill any ones needs, and its come in handy  when other's makeup artist go MIA, i just had that happened and stepped in, and your glad your prepared right? I love My SMASHBOX  Lip Palette,  but any palette that you like will do. I have even  used it to pop cheeks too!


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