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Lately we have been seeing a lot of  photographs of Stars out and about and at Red Carpet Events wearing not only amazing Couture Gowns, but lots of white powder on there faces.  If it was 1982 I'm not sure the mystery substance would be such a mystery at all.  Now,  most of these stars have there very own beauty teams that help them get geared up for special events, and unless  there makeup artist is really pissed off, a complette idiot or holding a grudge , I don't think that it's intentional at all. It seems to me the  powder at hand is Makeup For Ever  HD Micro Finish Powder.   This powder is pure silica and is an amazing one universal shade, white that  transfers to face translucent. I use this on  anyone skin.And infact  it's in every set bag and you don't need that much to get the job done.
Eva Langoria  
working those football stripes right?
Uma Thurman, Nose dive into flour?

From the looks on all these pictures, it's place where one would put powder to highlight and capture fallout from eye shadows. You then would brush it away leaving a smooth , clean surface that pops the eyes. I still use that technique of placing powder under their eyes, to high light check bones and the bridge of the nose. But I don't use Makeup For Ever HD Powder. to do it.  It's to set makeup and prevent shine on HD film & cameras.  So I kinda do find fault with the makeup artists doing these gals and guys faces.
It's a little thing called blending! I have done this once using this products and I used it under the eyes for fallout safety so the shadows wouldn't fall into the foundation. An luckily I caught i right away while taking a continuity picture. So with a sponge or a fan tail brush i simple swept it away.
Oh no! Nicole Kidman!

Tara P. Henson Looks  good inspite the racing stripes

Will Arnett! no blend and a white thumbprint on his head
 I strongly suggest using this product, i use it every day! it's one of my must haves! Well that's what i think right or wrong.

happy makeup!
xoxo mykie



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