Thursday, January 20, 2011



I just re-discovered this Product from  KEIHL'S, It's there RARE EARTH DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASQUE.  During the holiday season while out shopping and trying to be Merry, pushing my way through the frenzy of people out doing there last minute shopping at no other place than THE MALL.  Searching for The KIEHL'S Store  to no avail,  I had to stop, breathe and look to the directory for location, finding the , "YOU ARE HERE" arrow and finger following to what seemed like the end of the mall.  So of i went. So I reach my destination and do my thing, thank god i already new what I wanted and called it in to have it all prepped and stuff, nice. looked great!  And as I was waiting  i remembered this clay mask that I used to use a million years ago. So I asked if they still carried it, she said yes, but it was reformulated and I said could I get a sample. Got it, and off  I go. 
Well its took until two weeks ago to use it, and I'll be danged. I was amazed, My skin never looked More cleaner, firmer and glowing. And to top it off, unlike most masque, that tend to be drying, they get rather tight and pull, this masque didn't do that, I didn't feel the slightest claustrophobic while having this on my face as i sometimes do. I actually forgot I was wearing it and almost headed out to the market. 

The RARE EARTH CLEANSING MASQUE Helps to Purify and detox your skin while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.  It's made with Amazonian White Clay and it gently draws out the oil, dirt and what ever toxin's that are clogging your pores.  The Oatmeal * Aloe Vera help smooth & Hydrate even the most sensitive skin. I am a huge fan and I am saying that I use this once a week or when ever i want to look amazing. try it out run into your KIEHL's and ask for a sample, I would love to hear from you and how it worked for you! Happy Cleansing! mykie xoxo

Me during the process

and  me after


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