Friday, January 14, 2011

HOT LIPS! Spring 2011

What's New for lips this Spring 2011
 It seems that BOLD and BRIGHT lips are in this season for spring of 2011, It's been seen all over the runways, but this times with melon inspired colors like  Watermelon and cantaloupe. I'm not much for following trends per say, but I have to say I am loving  these shades. for example try STILA LONG WEARING LIQUID LIP COLOR In Caprice, amazing color, a watermelony hot pink that with make your mouth water and men want to taste your lips.

These Lips Colors are ultra-conditioning with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil.  You see Long Wearing  Lip colors aren't really my favorite, in the past when I've use them, I found that most of them, if not all, dry out leaving little bits and textures on the lips, not good when your on set and your actresses lips start to molt. These Stila Long Wear Lip Colors are a bit different, they Hydrate and seal in moisture so your lips look and feel soft all day. 

Also check out these other fav's, FIERY, the perfect red, nothing more bold than a red lip. I like to use this color them blot with a tissue.  The idea behind it in the weightless liquid moves along with your lips, preventing  transferring(to a glass or a handsome man's cheek), feathering( we all hate that)and bleeding , so that your  lips are kissable at Amy moment.

 What I like is that its easy as putting on lip gloss, yet its  intense moisture, rich  and bold in color, yet matte and has a creamy finish!  PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! now go pucker those lips and start making out, you will see, your lips  will last the whole night long.

mykie xoxo

Available at Sephora and Stila

Post Script:  I am at the laundromat folding my clothes and it hit me. I just wanted to say, that even though trends, fashion and the designers and models of the runway say that BRIGHT & BOLD lip colors are the latest craze, doesn't mean you have to run out and start wearing a bright Cantaloupe lipstick.
Be yourself and wear what flatters you, not many people can play off such bright colors, Let's me honest maybe five people can and models that are in head to toe couture. I think wearing lip color that makes you feel amazing is so much better that whats the latest trend. And remember that!  Look for  my inspired  post on what lip colors are timeless and my personal fav's that I live by.
just a note form Mykie xoxox


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