Thursday, October 14, 2010

Myke's 4 To know! New To me Products

So here are some products that have me very  intrigued. Some are new and some are just plan new to me. Sometime as a Makeup Artist, I get very comfortable with the products and makeup lines that I love and use already, based on pigments, performance and the easiness of using brands that you trust. That I simply don't step out of my little makeup trailer to see that there are so many, many options out there, you know you never know till you try it. So here are few new fresh picks, that I have added to my big box of makeup tricks.

1. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition.

Can i just say "hello?" I love this duo. I've used each shade alone and together. and you will never guess how much it cost? waiting? $3.00, yes, you heard me.

Just a Tip: Brush the bronze to the hollows of your cheek to define, and you can also dust it around your face line to create a healty glow. Then use the blush on the apples of your cheeks. I myself like to add a tad more to the apple for a strong yet healthy glow.

2. Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

Atmosphere's moisturizing base allows minerals to move and breathe with the skin, reflecting light to help create a youthful glow. 

These gorgeous Vapour foundation sticks glide on easily and blend seamlessly achieving radiant, healthy looking skin with even complextion.
That allows your skin to breathe while reflecting light to give your skin a youthful glow. Works well for HD. and its organic! $38.00

Tucked inside an elegant white case, Creme de Rose is a smoothing, plumping lip balm with a delicate rose scent. Essential oils and shea butter nourish and moisturize lips. Either applied on its own or under any other    lip color. In on universal petal-pink shade~delish!
4. HOURGLASS Extreme Shine Lip Gloss in~ Siren
Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not to hip on red lipstick or gloss. I never have been, it's to hard to clean up and some brands feather to to  easy, However, SMASHBOX, makes a gloss that I do love that is red, but glides on so sheer and subtle, also called Siren. Just recently while working with Fellow Makeup Artist, Jesse Lindholm on a film 'FIXING PETE" She introduced me to HOURGLASS Extreme Sheen lip gloss in  Siren. Well i flipped my lid, it was  so rich and gave the appearance of patten leather, maybe ever more like slick red vinyl lips.  In the film we used it  during a segment of runaway models at a fashion show, Clean faces, oyster eyes, Strong  brows and Siren lips!  $28.00

makeup: jesse lindholm 

if you are interested in any of myke's product picks just click away! chow chow

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