Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 Mac Art Supplies

Pro longwear Lipstain Marker ($16.00u.s./$19.00 cdn) 

available at  maccosmetics
A lightweight lip stain featuring the look and delivery of a colour marker. With its felt-tip nib, it goes on with precision to deliver a sheer, ins tantly abs orbed flush of colour that can last all night. Fills, defines and layers for more colour when wanted. No need for lip liner. All limited edition.

In general I would say that i am a lip gloss whore, I love all the different shades  and consistencies. I am not the hugest fan of Lipstick per say, unless its sheer, or filled with properties that keep you lips looking moisturized. I no likie matte Lipstick ,it no likie me! That said,  I do have to use it when requested,  ugh! Haters! 
In the past  couple of days I keep seeing images of new lipsticks that have grabbed my attention, and  sista, i can't wait to get my  fat arthritic hands on them.

.The scene setters over at MAC have come up with a new line of lip products to dress up your pucker, MAC Art Supply Lip Stain. These  marker like, Sharpie's if you will, have Strong lasting power and one could paint the town red, eat a  entire pizza, drink yourself under the table, maybe a little necking in the back seat and this stain will remain! Out , Out damn Spot! hum, it's just not gonna listen..........enjoy and wear with flare!

  • Full of Flare is a brightened coral with a tinge of orange-red in it.  Probably one of the loveliest shades of the five I’ve tried so far!
  • Runway Ripened is a raspberry-ish red, but it’s still fairly red.  It gives good coverage and applies evenly.
  • Modern Mocha is slightly reddened coffee brown.  It’s not the most flattering color on my skin tone, but I could see some deeper skin tones using it for a natural lip tint.
  • Point of View is a darker and redder version of Modern Mocha.  It’s a rasberry-ish brown.
  • Purposefully Red is a vibrant cherry red.  I think this and Full of Flare are the best bang-for-your-buck colors of the nine.  If you love red but hate reapplying, bleeding, etc., Purposefully Red might be worth trying.
  • Sunset is a darkened, slightly reddish, coral.  This would look nice on both cool tones and deeper skin tones, because it’s not an overtly warm coral, which isn’t always easy to find.
  • Tomorrow’s Coral is a rich red with only a smidgen of coral in it. It’s definitely redder than I anticipated–I don’t think I’d have even picked up on any coral tones to it if it wasn’t for the name!
  • Style setter is a brightened pink with blue undertones. Reminded me a bit of Impassioned, perhaps, but more blue-based.
  • A Classic is a muted red–significantly lighter/les


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