Monday, October 11, 2010

The Baiscs: Simple Tools That Everyone Should Have....

1 Eyelash Curlers
2 Angled brush - for lines and brows
3 Natural foundation sponge( I like a non-laytex wedge sponge)
4 Eyelash Comb - to separate lashes
5 Liner brush - for eyeliner
6 Foam blender - to soften pencil liner( i also use a small rounded bender)
7 Brush blender - to soften eyeshadow
8 Blush/contour brush
9 Tweezers -for all unwanted hair!
10 Dust-away brush - for under eyes
11 Eyeshadow brush - on top eyelids
12 Sharp scissors
13 Latex sponge - cream foundation
14 Lip brush - for even coverage
15 Hair clips
16 Foundation brush - for liquid foundation

Just a simple list of the basic tools that everyone should  have in there kit, or drawer at home, or maybe even in your purse, if you one of those who apply makeup while driving to work in the morning, really?
A great place to start is Sephora, they have an amazing selection of all these tool and more. 
                                                                                                                               xoxo myke

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