Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beauty Breakdown: Brooke Burns

On October 17th, I Worked with Brooke Burns for the 7th Annual Life Rolls On  Gala, held at  The Beverly Hilton. We had a blast getting ready. I did Both her and Ana Lopez for the event, its was awesome and we laughed a lot. So here are a few images from that day, some  I took and some are from the paparazzi!
Below Is a beauty Break down for those who may be interested in her looks, Kinda a modern tack on old Hollywood...Vavavoom!

Let's just say, that I think Brooke is one of the most beautiful, kind and most gracious persons I have yet to meet, and becoming her friend as well has getting to paint her amazing face has been just wild! Brooke has great skin to start with so I Moisturized with Yon-ka Paris Creme 28 for sensitive skin (awesome everyone can use this)

 1. I matched her skin tone from the Jouer palette them added a tad darker to warm her skin up. What's awesome about this line is every item from base to lips can be linked together to make one amazing palette its great for being on set for last looks.

2. I used Smashbox shadow in OYSTER all over the lids, its a Velvet like shine that ads amazing subtle shimmer  that bounces light.

3. Using Smashbox new Masquerade palette, Blue And purple to create a a strong contour in the crease of the eye.

4.  Smashbox Liquid liner pen was used on the top lash line, almost like stippling liner as close to the lash line as i could. in Black

5. Smashbox Limitless eye liner in navy on the inner rims and lower lash line for high drama!

6. I am know for layer blush on top of blush, I love blush!!!!!! for this look I used Benefits, Sugar Bomb as a base shimmer then Smashbox Fav, Radiance on the apples its matte and looks amazing with the under shimmer peeking through.
7. awe and lips.....Using a natural Lip Liner, your name cosmetics  in tea rose, then Smashbox Baby Pout over , this color has become Brooke signature color in a way I love it on her.

then  to polish it off i used makeup 4evers  lift concealer #2. Hd powder & MAC C4 to set foundation.
also HD elixir (all Makeup4ever) to the cheeks and temple for  light reflection for  the slashing cameras!

Photos before the car arrived!
makeup: myke Spezzano  hair: Vito Trotta


  1. You make it look so easy! Love! She looks gorgeous as usual! I'm buying everything on this list ASAP!

  2. thanck doll, I love to do her makeup, she just allows me to do it you know? and very trusting. Yeah The Smashbox Limitless liner is becoming a favorite of mine. and the Benefit sugar bomb has sat in my kit, bit for some reason I used it and it was awesome.

  3. I like it! She looks very "fresh-faced". Her complexion is dewy without looking drenched or oily; a perfect glow. Often times when I've seen pictures of her at other events she's looked a little "fake-baked." Here she has a very glamorous and natural look without overkill. This look draws attention to her gorgeous earrings and allows us to see her entire face as opposed to zoning in on one spot. Good job Myke!


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