Monday, October 31, 2011

You would think that with myself being a makeup artist that i would love Halloween? well truth is, Halloween is the one holiday I could care for less. In fact I would go as far to say I dislike it.
I Think maybe it steams from the era i grew up in where kids would get razor blades and get molested...sad, but that's what i remember from the Halloween youth. In fact in my neck of the woods, we would have block parties and were able to Trick -or-treat at specific houses that had red lights on there porches, all in the hopes of protecting the children. LOL! but here i am a grown man and I still think Halloween bites! But this Halloween I am going to Universal Haunts with one of my oldest Friends Joan, and i am so excited, Front of The Line passes so we are not standing for hours! Yes!
So for this Oct 31st. I will be doing Halloween.  And watching scary movies all day... everyone please be safe and have a great time, watch out for those bobbing apples LOL!

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