Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two 2 Know: 2 New Products Worthy Of An Indrocuction

NUANCE Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer
It seems that Actress Salma Hayak has jumped on the, "I want to be a beauty mover and shaker too". band -wagon. She has created an entire beauty line  including Haircare products. Well , I couldn't
help myself. I went on over to my local CVS, yes, CVS and checked it out. I liked it, Salma, I liked it.
It's an oil free, sheer- coverage moisturizing tinted  moisturizer that's mineral based. i found it to work well on HD as well. It doesn't sit on your face allowing the fine lines to just get filled with product, YUCK!, but rather blends and radiates your skin. I have not checked out the rest of her line , but I will in time. Check it of at your local CVS or on line at CVS $13.99
 Oh and it's super transparent so it looks like your wearing nothing.

images of other products in her new line, NUANCE Salma Hayak @CVS


I love the idea of a eye liner pen, it's the perfect way to get an amazing line and get as graphic as you can, and still  you can still do a natural look by lining right on the upper lash line. Prefect for a clean crisp cat eye. And when they say, "stay All Day", they mean it, i lined the back of my hand around 10;30 am an by 6pm it was still there, mind you I wash my hands religiously during the day too.  It's not waterproof, but water resistant. 

    - Moss 
    - Alloy 

Go to STILA to check then out or @SEPHORA


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