Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Top 8 Go To Lip Balms

Myke The Makeup guy's Top 8  Go To Lip Balms

I'm my work the most commonly used product for everyone would be lip balm. When i prep for a show it's usually the first thing that i buy. It's one of those products that you just don't share, at least i don't regardless of the budget your handed you & you can find pretty much most all Lip balms pretty cheap. So Here is a list of the one's that use.  I find great value in each and everyone, some are very inexpensive other a tad but costly, but they all do the same thing, save your lips..

1. DIOR  Creme De Rose Lip Balm
This is really a must have for the care of damaged lips. A touch of Smoothness of rose petals. with rare precious Damask Rose Essential oil extracts together with Anti- aging complex and Shea butter. Your lips are Instantly soothed, moisturised and plumped and soft. I love it and use it on my own pucker, maybe that's why i never have it in my kit! DIOR $26.99

Not only does it look cool it's a really great product. this is great for those that are Gluten- free.  has long lasting moisture with Shea butter and Packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E. It's keeps your lips so soothing during the day. $6.50 EOS or at a drugstore near you

3. JULIE HEWITT/ Camellia Lip Balm
Those those of you that don't like thick, heavy balms, this one is amazingly light textured it can even be used on the face. It comes in a rather large pot that  goes along way...and its smells faintly like a creamsicle.. This is always a huge hit! $14.00 JulieHewitt

4. EVE LOM/Kiss Mix
Very luxe lip balm  from the renowned British Facialist, is a fan favorite. The formula feels amazing on the lips and leaves your pucker the slightest pale , glossy tint . love this!  $25.00 SpaceNK

This is an effective and treat all natural moisturizing lip balm that protects lips from sun damage, dryness and of course chapping. It's been proven to be highly effective in extreme conditions. via ski slops, the dessert or beaches. Contains citrus essential oils, cocoa butter, beeswax, she butter, vitamin E and its SPF 15. oh and it's Matte in  its finish so you guys wont be left with that supper glossy hooker pout.
It's great on set for men. $6.50  Sephora


The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick: For fans of the company’s cult body butter, a lush, Shea butter-infused balm for the lips that smells faintly of coconut oil. $15 for two;

7. E.L.F. Cosmetics
Relieves and soothes lips with a drench of moisture. SPF 15 helps to shield lips from harmful sun rays. Softens lips to prevent and temporarily protect against chapped, cracked or chafed lips. and can believe its at TARGET  & E.L.F.and it's $3.00 bucks!

8. JACK BLACK/Black Diamond Formula Intense Therapy Lip balm SPF 25
This is a must for my kit, in fact  many men request this and it's got one of the highest SPF around in a lip balm... smooth and conditioning , yet doesn't look to shining! It's amazing! $8.99 Sephora

and check this out.......look for them around Christmas time, right now i think  they are only available in the UK right now, but how fun are these..... A lip balm for any weather or condition! CHAPSTICK

Chapstick LipKits

Loving these bright and colourful lip sets from Chapstick which could be prefect for stocking stuffer right? I think they would fab on set wrap gifts to give to the people that didn't drive you batty on set that year  HAHA! The Lip Kits are £3.99 each and contain their most popular flavours: cherry, apple and strawberry. 

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