Tuesday, October 11, 2011


SIGMA BEAUTY~ Has Just come out with the NEW Sigmax HD brushes. And check them out! They're absolutely amazing/ This new Collection features their exclusive Sigmax filament, which
was created to perfectly apply powder, creams and liquid products onto your skin with out the waste and absorption into the bristles.

And with it's tapered design, the F86 is perfect for applying powders, 
cream, and liquid products exactly where you want it on your face.
The F86 is  also perfect for contouring  and aplies just the right amount 
to the right areas for that flawless, sculpted look. Its a revolutionary brush
that in unique in quality ans design. A much welcome addition to  any makeup kit. 
The F86 can be bought separately for $16.00 pr as part of the Synthetic
Kabuki Kit (brushes, F80, F82,F84 & F86) for $56.00 great deal!
Sigmax Synthetic Collection
The New Synthetic Percision Kit cotains the (P80,P82,084 AND P86) the P80 is a
small, flattop brush that is ideal for concealing blemishes, sun spots and small 
imperfections on your skin. it can be used to stipple concealer on desired areas as well. The rounded P82 was desogned to mimic your fingertips, making the brush ideal for applying shadow primers. The small angled top of the P84 makes this brush perfect for  even and percise countouring of the sides of your nose and the hollows of your cheeks bones. The P86 brush, tappered shape of the brush is perfect for applying concealer
under eyes and in defined areas like the sides of the nose, chin abd arounf the mouth. 
Look these brushes can be used for any part of your face. each brush will be sold for $114.00 each or as a set for $49.00

Sigmax Synthetic Collection
Or just go for it and get the Synthetic Esseantial Kit, this set of 8 brushes for 
your face is all you need to achieve a perfect and flawless look. Available on
 line for $99.00 Great Deal!

Sigmax Synthetic Collection


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