Monday, October 17, 2011


Oddly,  I came across these amazing avent-guard commercials by the amazing, photo genius Richard Avedon while looking for stuff on Lauren Hutton. I am just in awe, amazing images and what an imagination, this is whats missing from todays fashion world, there is a lack of Iconic images today in fashion and beauty, nothing that documents an era in fashion and beauty history. Check these out I think you will dig them.

mykie xoxo

JUN ROPE' CM / Helmut Newton (1980) from junofficialtv on Vimeo.

JUN CM / Makoto Saito・Bryan Ferry (1982) 30 second from junofficialtv on Vimeo.


  1. Wild fun! This must be my fashion morning: I just watched the doc The September Issue (about Vogue's big fall spreads-- I know You know) on netflix, read Making Faces last night, and now this. Definitely going to let this influence my go-to makeup look for the season.

    As far as your commentary , well, yes! I think that today, while there is technically more multiplicity in "looks," due to a wider acceptance of beauty values such as skintone, etc. there is also more regimentation. The same basic idea over and over againwith only the merest tweak. Like fashion has become a snake swallowing its own tail.
    Peace, Mari

  2. thanks so much for checking it out... yes i agree........rehash rehash....these iamges are truely inspiring to me.. Helmut Newtons photos in the film THE EYES OF LAURA MARS inspired me to do make up inthe first place that and Way Bandy............I can vaguely remember seeing the serge luten commercials on tv as a child.

  3. IMO, Lauren Hutton is THE Supermodel. She has had such longevity in her career. She still is paid to walk the runways today. No one will be able to ascend to the gitty heights that she's reached and stay there for as long as she has. Not only is she beautiful, but she is funny & intelligent.


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