Friday, November 11, 2011

Are You Doing It Right? How To Do Blush

    • How To Apply Your Blush (in case you didn't already know)

      Select a color of blush that resembles the natural glow of your cheeks after you exercise. Consider having a lighter color for day, and a darker tone for a more dramatic evening look. Keep your blush in the same color family as your lipstick.
    • Consider the type of blush best suited to your skin type. Cream blush works very well for drier skin, as it can help to keep skin hydrated. Powder blush is better suited to oily skin.
    • Complete the application of foundation, powder and all eye makeup before applying blush.
    • Use a full, round brush for the application of your powder blush, as it will make for a softer and more professional look than the brush that comes with the blush. This should not be the same brush you use to apply your loose powder.

    • Place a small amount of blush on the brush and gently tap off any excess. Or, place a small amount of cream on your middle finger.

    • Look in the mirror and smile.

    • Place powder blush on the apple of your cheek and gently brush up your cheekbone toward your hairline. Dot cream blush beginning at the apple, and gently blend up the cheekbone toward the hairline.
    • Focus your blush at the outside of your face near your hairline if you have a fuller face. For high cheekbones, concentrate blush in the center of your face to accentuate your bones.
    • Blend a little blush down your cheek for a little more natural, less dramatic look.
      And remember these are just the simple techniques, i suggested that you try different  looks and styles to find what visually your comfortable with. There are now rules, just try to prevent doll cheeks. 

      Mykie Tip:  For a rosier cheek, consider a gel or liquid tints. and remember to wash your hands really good after using these products, they can stain rather easy.

      Try to remember the lighter your skin tone, the lighter your blush color should be.

      Wash  your brushed with a makeup remover or non soap cleaners.
      And avoid following the underside of your cheekbones. which makes for an artificial and not so pretty look, Just saying...

check out  my favorite blush  that I have been hooked on 
BENEFIT/ Coralista
This is the perfect blush, I love that you can build and customize the shade and density that you want. It has a slight shimmer that leaves a sexy glow and reflects light beautify. BENEFIT
SONIA KASHUK/Beautifing Blush in Flamingo
This is a sweet color, very bright and cheering, if your feeling  a little ugh during the day, pop and Lil flamingo on your cheeks, between your amazing smile and this great color you're sure to make a slash!
$6.99 TARGET

TARTE/ Cheek Stain In Tickled
This is my all time favorite cheek stain, ok, in the beginning I was so afraid of using a cheek stain, i was like how do i make this  work? Well, I got passed it, and i use a smaller sized blush brush, and i use it a lil' damp. This is a staple for me.  just ask Brooke Burns.. TARTE/SEPHORA

NARS/Orgasam Blush
The one the only , still the best! A perfect color application every time.

SMASHBOX/ Radiance Blush
I have been in love with this color since the first time I got it in a goodie bag from Lori Taylor at Smashbox. I use this on Brooke Burns all the time. It's bright and very vibrant,but it's controllable color, and wears well with other products. 
tip: use this under Tarte Tickled  .SMASHBOX

THE BALM/Down  Boy
This is new to me, i picked this up a few months ago at Sephora for a  film, BULLETPROOF BRIDE . This  blush provides an even and smooth texture on your skin. It's light reflecting particles give off a aura of allure. It's great at night, on on film.
Give it a try!  SEPHORA $21.00

Use this Cheek Palette for a sweet, romatico flush on your apples!
Prefect for every skin tone too. These are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way
$45.00 Sephora

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