Friday, November 11, 2011


I Knew That Tittle Would Get Your Attention......

I read a tweet today that asked, "When was the last time you changed your eyelash curler pad?" And i thought to myself, i don't, I just buy a new one, or two....

 I have maybe like 6 eyelash curlers in my kit, like I said already, I just buy a new one, and when I work with a specific  actress, i have one that i only use on them. But if you take care of your lash curler and gently wipe and clean the rubber pad with warm water , no chemicals near the eyes! after every time you use it, the pad should last you up to six months.

As for the Actual lash curler, I use The amazing Shu Uemura  brand, I just love it and I  see it in most artist makeup kits ~ just try not to just toss it in your bag, place it in a case or if packing it in a kit, keep it in the box, it will help prolong the life of the curler and try not to drop it, like tweezers, when you drop them way to often, they loose suspension and they just don't work that great after awhile.

I found that you do actually get a  much better curl if you replace the pad, the older pads seem to break down and leave an indent by the pressure of the metal  pressing against it. Believe me, I have seen people cut their lashes right off, after a while if you don't change the pad, it can create a slit in the rubber  that's not noticeable and then its, chop chop lashes! So its in your best interest to get new pads. 2 for $6.00. cheaper then wearing false lashes everyday right?

My All Time Favorite!!! MUST HAVE!


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