Sunday, February 27, 2011


The 83rd Annual Academy Awards!

Well the red carpet was dirty with Hollywood glamour tonight.
And there where many  as we say, beautiful people wearing
there Sunday best and cheesing it up for the paparazzi. So of cause like every other Blogger, I will share my best of the evening with you. Remember, this is just my opinion I have my
tastes , and looks that I adore so I am  leaning that way with this list. Overall, i'd say it was a low key fashion event, alot of pretty. Hope you had a nice time watching the show, Yawn!
what was that? oh, get  on with the show, I mean list?
haha! all in good fun!
mykie Xoxo

Mila Kunis  in Ellie Saab
I thought she looked breath taking, great dress and her hair and makeup where perfection.
Gwenyth Paltrow Looking  amazing! 
Michelle Williams, I love this simple elegant frock, I think she as amazing fashion
sense and really looks great in everything.  She's beautiful in this Channel gown!

Camila Alves who' that? but this dress and she are so beautiful
CELINE DION ! I think she looks great I love this dress, fits like a glove and the texture and
simmer Divine.
Hallie Berry  amazing looking as ever in MARCHESA
Scarlett Johanson in Dolce & Gabbana I know she has taken some hits for this, But I actually love it. And her make up is amazing! She always looks great, maybe this was a different choice for her, but it was hers to make.

AMY ADAMS very Film Noir in what looks to me like a modern Suzi Wong Dress and I love it.
just wish her hair was a little more styled, more structured would have been amazing!
THE DIVINE SHARON STONE~ Amazing What makes a legend?

So there you have it, Love it or hate is it's all just smoke and mirrors in Tinsletown!


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