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ALL A FLUTTER: My Top 6 Eyelash Curlers

All A Flutter: My Top 6 EyeLash Curlers

If your eyes are the Windows to your soul then the your  curtains better be really pretty. Using an eyelash curler is a great way to open up your eyes  and to emphasize them, making them wider, and brighter. In my line work i use an eyelash curler everyday and many times a day. I have My favorites and i thought I would share them with you guys, just remember that whether you lashed are short or straight an eyelash curlers helps make them look longer.


You can achieve the perfect curl with this Iconic shu uemura eyelash curler, the tool adored by pro-makeup artist and stars alike around the globe. i use this one on a daily basis, i has at least two in my kit at all times. $19.00 sephora/shu uermura


Trish's high-performing, user-friendly Eye Lash Curler is meticulously engineered to encompass a full lash line and with the most gentle, effective spring to dependably give your lashes the perfect sweep up every time.
$18.00 Nordstrom/sephora

3.Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler creates incredible lift and curl to the lashes with its perfect size and shape. I like this curler, but I have to do it, most clients don't know how to use it. $16.00 Nordstrom

 A slim, stainless steel tool for perfectly curled lashes.

 Sleek, stainless steel frame
 Curved rubber pad bends lashes to perfection
 Provides a firm grip with its handcrafted shape
 Turn upside down to curl bottom lashes for a Hollywood  starlet look
 Leaves lashes perfectly curled

Curl lashes from the roots at a stroke and create glamour. Just one squeeze firmly catches lashes at the root leaving them beautifully curled. Edge-free design prevents pinching. Broad curve curls all lashes from the inner to the outer corner in one squeeze $19.00 Sephora

6.Japonesque Precision Eyelash Curler 

 the professional choice of makeup artists everywhere. The curler is designed for small sections of lashes to curl exactly where desired. The innovative stainless steel narrow cage helps target a specific section of the lash line such as the outer corners. Love Love this curler, yet the refill pads are hard to find. $9.00 ulta

Blinc Heated Curler
this is an awesome eye lash curler~ totally works perfect every time! $25.00 Blinc


Here's a Tip:
Please Ladies; Remember that mascara is applied after your eyelashes are curled. Otherwise you can cause serious breakage.
Whether you have short or straight lashes, eyelash curlers help make them look longer. Almost all drug and cosmetic stores carry three types of eyelash curlers- metal, plastic, and heated. I prefer using a metal curler, but you can choose what you feel more comfortable with . Also there are two ways that you can intensify your lash curl, 1. dip the lash curler into hot hot water, pat off and curl as usual. 2. Hit the lash rubber with heat using a blowdryer then carfully curl ~ becareful it's not to hot before you put it to your eye please.
And In case you didn't know of you've forgotten here's a how too in 6 easy step
STEP 1- Cleanse The Eyelash Curler
Naturally the curler should always be disinfected before using to prevent bacteria from entering the eye and causing irritation.
  • STEP 2- Heat The Curler
If you desire long lasting curled lashes, then heat your curler. This will also make it easier to curl your lashes. Try using a hairdryer or hot water to heat the eyelash curler for ten seconds.
CAUTION: When blowing air on your lash curler or putting it in hot water - make sure that it is not too hot before using!
  • STEP 3- The Lash Curler
Position your eyelash curler around your eyelashes - make sure that your upper lashes are between the edge of the curler.
  • STEP 4- Squeeze The Curler
Squeeze the edges of the curler carefully and hold for ten seconds. Repeat if necessary. Make sure that the curler is fully open before removing it.
  • Step 5- Apply Mascara
Look down and stroke lashes upwards with the tip of your brush. Do not overload the wand with mascara. Apply desired coat - this will depend on what you are trying to achieve.
  • STEP 6- Comb Your Lashes
To give your lashes a more natural look and remove any excess mascara, you should comb your lashes.

  1. Clean your lashes before curling them
  2. To avoid pinching your eyelid, do not close the eyelash curler too close to the base of the lash
  3. Instead of a plastic eyelash curler - choose a metal or heated lash curler
  4. Use a hairdryer or hot water to heat your eyelash curler
  5. Always apply mascara after curling the lashes
  6. Curl the bottom lashes if you want to
  7. Be sure to replace the pads on the curler every three months
  8. Disinfect the eyelash curler before using
  9. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol or eye makeup remover to clean your eyelash curler
Now go bad those peepers and get flirty.......and maybe even a date!


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