Monday, January 9, 2012

When Does It Expire?

What? It's Expired?

I get asked sometimes, Myke , when should i change out my cosmetics? Well, most makeup brands do have expiration dates and myself included have been known to 

ignore them frequently. I tend to use my product to there last breathe.

So here are a few tips that you may find interesting.

makes the world go round and don't you ever forget it....a great lip and a Strong eye {lashes}is all a girl ever needs. Mascara dries out and gets clumpy and becomes a breeding ground of germs & bacteria. So if you find yourself with an eye infection discard the mascara immediately dues to excessive use of the wand can cause recurrences again. I love when a mascara gets a little dry, i feel it's more workable and buildable, i am not a fan of wet wet mascara.

I have a love affair with nail polish. Being a man, I don't get to wear it. I mean, I can, but I'm not that type of man , But I do love painting my toes. If you properly store nail polish it will last up to a year long.  Check for color fading and separation, if it is then it's the first sign that it won't go on smoothly.


Sunscreens are often labeled with an expiration date, but feel free to slather
it on up to a year after opening, as long
as it hasn't separated, changed in smell, or become discolored .

There you go just a few tips on when to toss you expired cosmetics. You will notice when it's time. Foundations breakdown and separate. You can tell by the oil that develops. Be well and practice safe makeup!

Mykie xoxox


  1. how depressing... I hate throwing makeup out :(

  2. right? me too, i have foundations in my kit that need to go, and its a shame because somearen't even open.... i just started putting them in the fridge to keep, LOL let's see if that helps... I get a lot of promo products and if i don't use it fast enough or give it away, it goes bad.


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