Tuesday, January 3, 2012


What's in My Kit?

As a professional makeup artist you kinda need to have a little of this, a little of that, some of this...you get where I'm going? You never know what you will need and that need changes when the job changes as well. So that's where your inventory starts and you begin to  build you kit. Si inside my kit there are products that I must have. Let's call them Staples and sometime when I don't have an item that's I depend on and  can feel a bit off my game, but just for a second. So here are a few  products that I MUST have!

Q-tips are a must in any one's kit. and there are many types to have and love. I prefer the wood  applicators.  There are sturdier and the tip is packed tight....and they look great on your station.
These cost around $1.75 - $2.25 they also come in longer versions as well...

I really love these empty palette's. There great for all those half empty concealer's that
I just can't throw away. Also amazing for lipsticks. Just label underneath and your set.
NIGEL"S BEAUTY  $6.75/ each

3. MARIO BADESCU~Drying Lotion

Without mentioning names, sometimes the stress of early morning morning calls and lack of sleep and craft service causes talent to have breakouts and in the world HD and the RED CAMERA you want to get it fixed real fast...Thank God for Mario Badescu . It has saved my life a few times...

4. YOUNGBLOOD~ Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint

This Product is new to me, and I really do like it. I find it to be buildable and smooth. 
it's great for men.  $30.00 Youngblood

TARTE COSMETIC~ Cheek Stain Tints

These are one of my all time favorite must have products. They're great for lips too.
I use these alone or layered with another blush color..... hum, like SMASHBOX Paradise blush with TARTE Tickled. it makes for pretty pretty! 


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