Sunday, November 21, 2010

You got your Boo Boo Bling yet?


Genius, Just genius, who could have thought it, And why didn't I? And after all those times i have doodled and tried to jazz up a boring beige band aid.  These Boo Boo Bling band aids add some glitz and glamour to you  boo boo. These sets  of Bling covers bandages to make your little ouchies look beautiful. Use these to cover blemishes, hopefully not anywhere pointy on your face, Scars, Tattoos. These Little lovelies are only $6.00 sold @ Spehora stores everywhere.

HOW TO USE: Use the enclosed bandages 

to cover the desired area as

you would with any other adhesive 

bandage. Then gently 

remove the matching Boo Boo Bling® 

from the sheet and 

stick it on top of the bandage.

The center of the jewels  

aligns with the bandage pad for

easy application.


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