Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was thinking, what did some of our favorite celebs dress up like for Halloween? So  I had a peek, and some are truly creative and amazing, Some really cool and some are like, wait, That's a costume? oh!

Brooke Burke( can you say, Cat Scratch Fever?)

MATTHEW MORRISON ~ GLEE , Love the Afro man! right on!
CARMEN ELECTRA, Wait, this is a costume? 
TARA REID Wow she does look like a Barbie, maybe it's all that work she had done. But she looks hot!

Alyssa Milano Sexy Dark Faerie, awesome!

STACY KEILBER , OK I know this beautiful lady and its refreshing to she she didn't go the sexy route,  Ole!

The The Winner in my book is Heidi Klum & Seal, I mean looks at this, it's freakin" amazing.
she's an Alien Transformer thing and she's the Silver Surfer, it took some planing and work for this. 


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