Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts from The Trailor

So, I decided to start a blog and so far it's pretty cool, i guess a few of you out there read me and I do appreciate that, thank you ever so. I am finding my self  a little stumped at times, what to write about? what to review? New Trends?  I  have been sitting here thinking, i really don't follow trends. I mean, in the sense of being a scene stealer or a hipster.......I'm  just not  that kind of makeup artist. Don't get me wrong, I am a product whore  and  do try to keep up on what new and  the latest buzz, but that's what most of it is, buzz. So what if the package is cute, creative or unique? is the product stellar and does is do what is says it does? In my career, i seem to fall along the lines of , I make People Pretty and you know what? , that's OK with me. what woman doesn't want to  look pretty and if you can make her feel pretty too, then your doing your job. Trends come and go, but beauty is forever. So I try to just do that, to create beauty in every face I work on.  We all have our thing that's beautiful, I like to draw on that  feature and bring it to the surface. So  if you don't want to wear eyeliner,  don't . I don't use it all the time, I feel it opens the eyes and actually brings more attention to the eyes, makes them bigger more alert.  So i thought I'd write a free for all list of stuff I do and don't like regardless of trends and  fashions, just for fun and if you can take anything from it, then great, I'm happy i could help.

I don't like tweezing brows
I never use full sets of lashes
I prefer Black Mascara all the time
i don't always moisturize a face
I cut Visene into foundation to cut the redness
I believe in Bronzers
Now more than five individual lashes tops to each eye
I don't always use top eyeliner
I love lining the rims of the lower eye
I use mostly brown eyeshadow  all the time
i like light lip colors
i prefer gloss over lipstick
More blush the better
I still contour the face
I love reflecting light
I don't use lip liners that often
I prefer nude to coral lip gloss on everyone
Still like to line the lower rims with a pale yellow or white liner to open them up
use clear lipglass on eyebrows
Not fond of tinted moisturizers
don't use primers
I love to air brush men only
i hate to cover freckles on anyone
i tend to apply concealers after makeup is done
I like mono-chromatic makeup
I hate red lipstick
I must highlight every face
I use shimmer somewhere on everyone
sometime  clear lip gloss or balm is all you need
i use a tooth brush to groom brows
the first thing I apply after foundation is blush
fuchsia blush makes me happy
i prefer skin to be emollient
i sometimes use concealer as foundation
I like oil blotting papers

wow, i just kinda wrote what came to me and looking back at it, i have to say that , yup that's me. Now of course there are situations that c call for me doing some of this for what ever purpose. It was just an exercise in that there are no real rules in makeup really. 

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