Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Summer Time is soon to be upon us and I don't need to tell you the importance of protecting ones self from the Harmful rays of the sun. I love the sun, but to much is not your friend. It's weird too, doctor tell us to stay out of the sun to prevent Skin cancers and such. By staying out of the sun, your starving your body of the natural Vitamin D that the sun feeds you, leaving us with a generation of people with Vitamin D deficiencies, either way the options aren't great, melanoma? or a life time of Bovina? So this summer please protect your self in all ways. from head to toe baby!

Get that light out of my eyes!
here are some cool shades to protect your pretty peepers from the harsh light of summer. Protection and looking great at the same time. Check out my sun shades for this summer.....of and remember your sunblock!

Marc by Marc Jacobs purple wire-frame sunglasses, $98.

quirky colorful shades

Lllesteva purple oval sunglasses, $165.

Summer Gold!

Gold-tinted aviators, $24.

Sporty stripe aviators, $12.

Rediscover a classic

Classic Ray-Ban wayfarer, $145.

Funky Cool shades

Alexander Wang zipper tortoiseshell sunglasses, $389.

Sometimes big is good

House of Harlow half-tint square sunglasses, $125.

Karen Walker round-frame sunglasses, $210.

These are my mom's favorite type of shades and i agree!

Gradient-lens square sunglasses, $12.50.

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