Tuesday, May 24, 2011


BEAUTY FIX:  Two Common Makeup Questions Answered.

Q. How Do I Keep My Eyeliner From Smearing?

A. Make Sure to purchase a waterproof formula like the Revlon ColorStay Liner ($7; target.com); It hold s longer and is resistant to smearing.  Most eyeliners runs when introduced to oils on the skin, either from natural oils, bright lights on a set or in humidity.. Prior to applying, dab an eye-shadow brush into pressed powder (like, Revlon's Photoready Powder, $13; target.com) and gently drag along the lash line to prep the area and prevent smudging. This will helps soak up oils & help lock the liner in place. 

Tip: also try this way, after you apply the waterproof liner of your choice, take a small thin angle brush and bad a bit of color eyeshadow over the liner at  your lash line. It will help prevent smearing and ad a extra pop and dimension to your eyes.

may I suggest: Benefit's Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner, Bold, Last long and slide on with ease.

Q.  I keep getting my foundation on my clothing, ugh, how can i prevent it from rubbing off?

A. Well, thicker, creamy foundations are more likely to be the culprit Thick, creamy formulas are more likely to leave marks on clothing, so go  for a lighter, oil-free liquid like Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation ($44; sephora.com). First use face primer (a great easy to get on is CoverGirl Simply Ageless Primer, $14; ulta.com) to help makeup stay put., I'm not that keen on using a primer but sometimes its necessary.Then when you  apply your foundation, make sure you blend it thoroughly. Then to set, lightly dust your face with translucent powder. (this is always great, Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Powder ($34;lauramercier.com).

Tip: here's a thought, try matching your face foundation to your neck, that way you don't have to extendyour foundation so to not cause rubbing and transfer of makeup.  This is a common happening that happens on set all the time.

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