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Creating The Puuuurfect Cat Eye~ The Winged Eyeliner Effect.

A few of you guys have asked me , How do I get That Winged Liner look, aka THE CAT EYE?
So here you are, I love this look, it's simple and classic and can be reinvented any way you like. Follow the Steps below and then experiment with color and shading,  create a classic eye Ala, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S or a Sexy Smokey Vamp Eye.  Have fun and don't poke your eye out.

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      You have two main options for product--liquid liner or pot liner with an angled, thin brush. Truthfully, the best way to understand which is your best for the task is to test out both.
      Taylor Swift
      Let's pretend you've decided on the liquid--in my estimation, an inferior choice, but some of you just can't get down with a brush and I respect that--so, liquid. Choose the shortest pen-tip you can find--bizarrely, my faves have been drugstore finds. The shorter the tip, the more control you have.
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      Set up a hands-free magnified mirror--you'll need all the hands you can get for this one. Starting with the inner corner of your eye, barely touch the pen to your lashline and slowly drag toward the outer corner of your eye.
      Angelina Jolie

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      The key is to make your line as close to the lashes as humanly possible--if you want to fatten it up later, by all means do.
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      As you round toward the edge, sort of flick your wrist slightly but confidently toward your temple. It's better to make a longer extended liner--we can always q-tip it off later. The key is more about placement of wing, rather than the length initially.
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      All of these steps need to be done with an open eye. It's really hard to tell what something as specific as a winged liner will look like when your eyes are open, if you apply when your eyes are closed. This holds true for almost any shadow application, too. As much as you can flex your little eye-muscles to be able to hold both eyes open when you apply, the more you'll know exactly what your face will look like when you're done.
      Victoria Beckam

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      Open both eyes and with a normal expression on your face (not a raised brow) and assess your work. If the wings are uneven, take your pointed q-tips (the best for makeup blunders!) and in upward motions, symmetrize your wings to your heart's content.

      Here are some Liquid liners that I like to use when I apply this type of liner for a sexy cat eye look. Check them out and see which one's work best for you.


      Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner What it does:
      Get the precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based formula. The eyeliner glides on smoothly and precisely, then quickly dries down to a long-wearing, water-resistant finish. $18.00 Nordstrom/Sephora

      Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner
      This innovative get based waterproof liner stays blendable for 60 seconds then dries to a smudge proof finish that's last all day. Tip: can be used on the inner rims too $21.00

      Limitless Liquid Liner Pen 
      I swear by these liquid eye liner pens, They are long wearing waterproof
      easy to handle and create amazing lines. $22.00 Smashbox/ Sephora

      Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

      A jet-black, liquid eyeliner with maximum staying power.
      This highly pigmented, smudge-proof liquid liner is not for the faint of heart. $20..00



  1. I've been trying to perfect this look for months! EYES OPEN...who knew!!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. HEy tracy,
    i am so glad that your reading my blog, i hope it's fun and a little informative too. i have been reading your PROJECT TRACY! brilliant i must say!.

  3. boy you are just the busy bee w/your blog aren't you? this is one of my FAV topics ever, the perfect cat eye. now i'm kinda bummed you beat me to the how to.
    i will just say i own every eyeliner posted above and then some, so i've tried them all but i prefer a cake eyeliner w/water, i have the perfect brush. cat eye is one of my specialties. love it. that's all i ever wear. i mean w/whatever else i'm doing to my eyes. always some cake liner on the upper lash line, and usually ONLY the upper lash line. not a big fan of closing up the eye w/lower liner.
    anyway, i love cake because it stays on forever, doesn't smear, stays matte, looks amazing, but i'm not gonna name my secret, magic brand. not not anyway. it's the best though. :)

  4. ps. u ever notice that angie (above) generally has it done only on the outer half of her eye. not always but usually. looks great on her though. not everyone wants it to the inner corner (you can get the eye goop for one :P). depends on how many lashes u have, how thick they are, etc etc. well u know. i'm preaching to the choir here. luv ya. great stuff! :)


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