Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gold Shine for The Holidays!


According to Hollywood lore, Marlene Dietrich demanded that makeup artist Max Factor sprinkle real gold dust into her hair to make it appear as if it were gleaming on film.WOW, now that's a true Diva.

Wearing golden makeup elements can have the same impact on your features when viewed in sultry, low lighting(aka bar Lights) So to offset a come-hither gaze and give your mouth a flirty finish, layer on translucent gold lipstick.

So try it you may like it. I can't offer you real gold specs for your lips, but i can recommend something close........

Being True: Statin lip shine in BRILLIANT

Being True Satin Lip Shine In SEDUCTIVE

If gold lipstick alone doesn't "pop" enough for you, layer it over your everyday lip color to give it added dimension.

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