Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pucker Up And Apply~ My Favorite Lips!

Anyone who knows me and my work, know that I love lips, lipstick, lips stain, lip gloss, lip balm you name it. I tend to have color favorites too. I am that natural lip guy, always have been, It's not that I hate, say Red Lipstick, I just think it has it's place and I will talk someone out of it  if I feel It's not the right choice. I am fond of nudes and creamy peaches....soft pinks. Soft full lips make me happy. So I thought why not share with you guys some  of my current favorite lip products that I have been rocking as of late, and no not on me but on my clients & talent. This bearded face in lipstick? HA! 


These NARS Lipsticks come in a wide range of amazing shades that are available in three formulas,
Semi-Matte: Very pigmented matte, that's non-drying and provides a longer wear velvet feeling to lips.
Sheer: My favorite! Has long lasting color pigments, this translucent formula provides a sheer, natural tint to your lips
Satin: It;s moist coverage with micro-bubble spheres that aid in releasing conditioners that leave lips creamy, that wears for hours. Blonde Venus is my favorite at the moment. With it's great texture it's a crowd pleaser every time $26.00 Nordstom

BITE/ Luminous Creme Lipstick

This luscious , long-lasting, moisture-rich color delivers antioxidant resvertarol, that helps fight free radicals with potent long term anti-aging benefits, who doesn't like that? Each lipstick contains the amount of resveratrol  that's found in five glasses of red wine...free of synthetics, polybutenes and petroleum, in fact it's make with lip nurturing food grade ingredients that are healthy enough o eat, but i wouldn't do that, it takes more than eating makeup to make some people pretty on the inside. $24.00

BY TERRY/ Hyaluranic Sheer Rouge

Say What?
I'm not sure I am even saying that right, but no matter. I love this, its the synergy of a lipstick and a lip balm for luminous lips. Hayluronic acid treats lips and adorns then in glossy plumping shine.
It's plumping which means it fills in wrinkles and fine lines  as it moisturizes lips. Bella Mucho! oh and this is a red balm too! $36.00 BARNEY'S

Awesome stuff right here. 100% usda- Certified Organic lip balm that delivers plump, full lush lips with one application. yup!  With Cinnamon that warms and tingles  to naturally plump the lips while at the same time adds a moisture binder and skin strengthener. Ku Shen and milk thistle calm and protect skin, so your lips wont crack or split like some plumper's do. its filled with Chinese foxglove, reishi mushroom and wolf berry. So be careful if you have allergies to any of the ingredients its all natural.


These are fast becoming two of my favorite lip liner shades, I have a tendencies to not use lip liners that much but some times it's all i use and with a lovely lip balm over it can create a natural , soft look to lips that's easy to maintain while filming. These creamy pencils shape, line and fill in lips with easy, helps to prevent lip colors from feathering too, It's no drying so its wont turn chalky.  Malt &  Pout are my most loved and used! love them! YOUNGBLOOD $12.00

I'll be back tomorrow with more on my favorite lips! cheers!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Best Dressed @2013 Oscars!


I have to admit, that for as long as I can remember, I always watched the Academy Awards. This year I just watch RED CARPET Broadcast to see who's wearing what and what have you. I guess the longer I work in the film business the lest I care. And as a makeup artist you would think I'd be all over it. HA! Well, I still love my makeup and the muses that adorn us artists creations. So these are my best dressed, I think as I get older my taste change...what do you think?

Jennifer Lawrence is rather stunning wearing DIOR HAUTE COUTURE.
She's not one of my favorite actresses, but she always looks amazing, I love
how simple and pretty she looks Um, kinda reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow's
dress when she won for Shakespeare In Love , but this is way prettier.

Jessica Chastian  looks very old school Hollywood wearing ARMANI PRIVE.
Boy has she had a great year at the theaters too.
I think Helen Hunt looks the best i have seen her look in a long time. I love her hair style it's very clean and neat. I love that look, not a hair out of place and guess what? She's wearing a dress from H&M, gotta love that, It stunning on her.
Sandra Bullock always looks lovely, and tonight is no different, except that hair girl, Sandy! It's the Oscars? Should have worn it back or up, this slick straight doo, to me doesn't do your beauty and this amazing ELIE SAAB Gown and justice.
All I can say is this is my 3rd best look of the night. Charlize Theron looks absolutely stunning in this DIOR COUTURE gown. That hair, I love that's she's back to her Pixie-doo. And that face, perfect makeup. She looks ageless!
Chatherine Zeta- Jones is one of my favorite's beauty diva's, She always looks amazing to me, and again one of the ageless beauties of our industry. Her make up flawless and not over the top as only makeup artist Scott Barnes can do. Let talk dress? I was on the border with this one, it's pretty and rather older looking for my taste, a bit pageant looking, but there is something very classic and beautiful about this ZUHAIR MURAD dress, and on her well, she WERQ it!
Nicole Kidman  not always my favorite on the RED CARPET, she seems stuck in the same look to me, her hair is always styled in the same fashion, but here in a L'WREN SCOTT dress, I really love her in this, it's kinda along the lines of Ms. Zeta-Jones Dress for me,  it's simple and elegant. I think she looks smashing this year!
Oh Man! Naomi Watts,  wore a beautiful  ARMANI PRIVE gown, sparkle, glitz you name is this dress is amazing and fits her like a glove. Personally I think she was shafted, should have one best Actress, just saying? My Second favorite look of the night.
And then there's Stacy Keibler wearing and insane, gorgeous Etre-inspired gown from NAEEM KHAN. This is my number one favorite look of the evening, the hair, makeup and that body! and leave it to a A-Lister by default to outshine all then suppa stars honey! I love Stacy she's a sweet girl and so fun to work with, I'm happy she's shinning!

I know a lot of us love to hate this poor young thing, Kristen Stewart, honey, you should have stayed home. It;'s the Oscar's if your so bored then watch DVR at home and get drunk. I have seen you look better and that's rare too..Comb your hair, and what about concealer? I hope you didn't pay anyone to do your makeup? and that dress of it looks like my Nana's old chenille bed spread that you used to make a dress with. Ok, I know I am not being a good christian dishing on her but really?

Well there you go, My best dressed list and there where many, many amazing looking dresses and gal out on the carpet, but these are the one's that really stuck with me, but again, what do i know?

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