Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do You Know Your A,B,CC's Of Creams?

Do You Know Your A,B,CC's of  CREAMS

Wait a minute, you just turned me on to BB Creams and know your throwing CC Creams at me?What's next?  DD Cream? and don't even tell me what that's used for. I had  fought using BB creams in the first place, I was like, "it's just another cosmetics gimmick", the whole idea behind BB Cream is that
it's a kinda triple threat, it's a moisturizer, broad spectrum SPF and a lightweight foundation all mixed into one tube. On my last movie, I decided to give it a try, I used SMASHBOX BB CREAM, and I have to say I was pretty happy with it's performance and so was my actress Julia Jones. It sat really natural on here and she never appreard over shinny on camera.

So what is CC Cream? Is also know as Color Control Cream. It's a jazzed up and refined version of  it's blemish or beauty balm  predecessor, the BB CREAM. It combines various benefits all in one- color control, oil control, whitening, brightening, moisturizing and with SPF .  Developed in Korea, it's becoming a sought after beauty product in the US beauty market.


The benefits of using CC Creams  is said to include high SPF rating to ensure you skin is protected from those nasty damaging UVA and UVB rays! (sunshine). It's great for treating and covering uneven skin tones and blends with skin tone better than BB Cream. It has a much light texture them BB Cream and allows for smoother application and with less oily finish with all the benefits of nourishing your skin. The end effect  leaves your skin natural and flawlessly radiant. Not bad!


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