Friday, October 5, 2012


As  a makeup artist I need many things that can hold and carry my makeup to and from set as well as photo shoots. I will admit I'm pretty much one of the biggest set bag whore's that i know, I usually get a new one every couple of shows. my needs are always changing so I am constantly looking for newest bags and cases that will help me organize, hold and well you know rock it! Recently I was over at what I consider to be ,Makeup Artist Heaven, a Toy's For Tots if you will...... but not for Tot's! So I head over tho where the bag section is and there they where, these amazing new MONDA STUDIO makeup cases, and there was one in green.  I had to have it .  I found it perfect for day checking and for personal makeup clients...Holds just enough to get the job done right. I love it ! And did I mention It's it has lights? yes! has built in LED Mirror Lights. Perfect!

Here are some images of the one I got.....

Check out this info from NIGEL'S
check it out here!


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