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As a professional makeup artist I hate to admit that I really and not that schooled of Skincare. I know whats I know about certain products and stand behind them cause they have become staple for my personal life as well had professional.  The Amazing people over at JAN MARINI Skincare, just sent me a generous box of beauty for my upcoming film.  I have started using the Cleanser on my own face and well its awesome, and feels clean right away! fresh even. So I thought why not share with you all.

Transformation Creme utilized ingredients specifically tailored to signal certain activities, including the rebuilding and repair of damaged skin cells. This helps in the maintaining and augmenting the appearance of  youthful healthy skin. Who doesn't want that? This oil-free formula absorbs immediately,while leaving the skin silky and refined in texture. For Oily skin try the Transformation Serum.
C-ESTA Face Serum
Contains DMAE, dramatically  rejuvenates your skin. Your skin's texture Will quickly begin to appear smooth and supple. With continued use of C-ESTA,your skin will become measurably  firmer and more resilient , and facial contours will appear tighter..  All leaving your skin tone even and  looking  noticeably younger and healthier. well, that's what we all want. right?

I have been using this since the package arrived.and so far i am sold, my face feels cleaner, fresh and clean, like squeaky you know what I mean? and i just feel like everyone cam tell. This Cleanser contains glycolic acid, its gentle cleanser is great for all skin types. Its soap free, non- irritating and rinses completely without the need for a post- cleansing toner or an astringent. Also contains the ingredient, Sorbitol, a natural humectrant derived from berries that will leave your skin feeling soft and very hydrated
Daily Body Protectant SPF 33 is a water resistant (80 minutes) broad spectrum sunscreen. It's oil-free with a matte finish formula that has amazing hydrating benefits. Use of this daily will help in preventing skin aging associated with damage cause by UV exposure. Can be used on the face and wear well under makeup.  also check this out, its available  in three "SUN KISSED" colors.  Skin friendly iron-oxide minerals  that will enhance any skin tone. avail in, Sun Kissed Natural,  Sun Kissed Sand &  Sun Kissed Bronze. cool!

This amazing eye creme is suited for  any skin type, really benefits  those with thinner, more  age-prone eye areas to dramatically  lessen the signs of aging.  Help rebuild and repair damaged skin cells. I have been using this at night for the last 3 days I will let you know what i think soon. xo

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I recommend that you to check out all JAN MARINI skin Care products, I am sure there is something that your looking for, and let's face it,  you have tried so many brands out there and you're still looking, why mot try JAN MARINI.  avail at 

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