Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am pretty sure that this topic has been covered a million times, but recently I have dropped, banged & walked on some of my favorite Powders and Eye Shadows  and some of the actresses in my chair where in awe that you could fix them. so In hopes that this will not go in vain, here's HOW TO FIX A BROKEN EYESHADOW

          Things You Will Need
  • The Original Eyeshadow Pot
  • Booby Pin , Micro Spatula or spoon
  • A Plastic Bag
  • A Quarter or small coin based on size of your eyeshadow
  • Fabric
  • 70% or Higher Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Rolling Pin

1. Open The sandwich bag pour your sad crumbled powder into one corner of the    bag. Scoop out the remaining shadow with your trusty bobby pin. [micro spatula]

2. Use your rolling pin over the corner of the bag containing your eyeshadow to creates a fine powder & to break up any chunks of remaining product.

3. Next you want to clean the original eyeshadow pot with the alcohol and let it dry.

4. Add 2 drops of alcohol into the shadow pot. Then Cut the corner of the bag and empty the contents into the same shadow pot/pan. Even out the powder by tapping the eyeshadow.

5. Add 2 more drops of alcohol and mix with your bobby pin until you have created a cake-like consistency. tap again to flatten out mixture. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes so that the alcohol can evaporate.

6. Wrap your quarter or chosen coin in your fabric, could be a old t-shirt, hanky,, etc..make sure it is wound very tight and that one side of the coin has a flat, fabric surface. Put the coin on top of the eyeshadow and press down hard for about 30 seconds, Your broken eyeshadow has been revived.

or something like this...........

So that was the legit way to fix this problem, and if you have the time i suggest trying it this way, but for those in a jam, there is another way to do it, the way i usually do it..........

1. With Broken shadow  still in the pot, i use the end of a makeup brush or Booby pin to crush all remaining pigment.

2. I add a few drop of 99% alcohol and with the same brush/Bobby pin, i mix it up. Let the alcohol evaporate a bit.

3. You can use a bag or seranwrap  to cover it or let it dry naturally.

4. You can use a piece of fabric or I use a makeup puff and gently press the powder down.

5. Clean around the edges and you have saved your favorite eyeshadow

If the damage can't be fixed and sometimes that does happen, just crush it up completely  and transfer it to a small resealable jar and use it as a loose shadow pigment.

To prevent, when traveling, place cotton puffs over each eye shadow, blush or compact powder before closing the case. I do this before I travel and sometimes my poor makeup kit takes a beating. It helps!


  1. I hate when I break shadows :( Shared this on my FB fan page!

  2. THANKS THATS SWEET.... yes i hate it too, especially in i am in the middle of shooting and can't get to a shop to replace it.


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