Tuesday, September 11, 2012


One of the Greatest things about being a makeup artist, is finding new products to use on set with my actors. On my last show I was sent a few goodies from THE BALM.  Founder and CEO,  Marissa Shipman started her company basically in her kitchen. I wasn't too familiar with The BALM brand,  I had an amazing shadow palette that I was given years ago,, but alas that pretty palette has since passed on into makeup heaven. My two stand out products where, MARY LOU MANIZER & CABANA BOY.

Needles to say I am in love with both products, but I adore MARY LOU MANIZER, the name alone makes me giggle with a smile on my face.

Well, Hello Mary Lou!

Mary Lou Manizer is a beautiful honey-hued luminizer . Use as a highlighter, Shadow Diffuser and shadow to make your skin look soft and young while adding subtle glow.  just a few sweeps of this  does the trick,   add it to your lids for luxe- looking lashes, dust a little on your cheekbones to pop your blush or all over for a sheen finishing touch.
 THE BALM $24.00

I used this on my actress SUMMER GLAU, on my last movie, HELP FOR THE HOLIDAY'S, where she played a Elf  from Santa's Village that comes to the real world to help a family re-discover Christmas spirit, and falls in love in the process. So I wanted her too look fairy-like through the whole film. 
Summer Glau

Myke's Tip: I used it in the corners of her eyes as well as above her cheekbones, and under her blush, just below. and a sweep down the bridge of her nose.

P.S.  The Down side is: this compact is very sensitive , pigment will shatter rather easy if dropped or banged. be careful

Cabana Boy is a beautiful  dusty pink Blush with subtle shimmers  and warm undertones provide a eye catching glow.  I mixed this in my eyes shadow and blush for Summer as well, its mixed well with my TARTE CHEEK STAIN in TICKLED. THE BALM $21.00


  1. You know what really sda I have No the Balm Cosmetics!!! I want so much of theirs but haven't pick any up! I really need to get my act together!

  2. thanks doll.... yes i really didn't get to into the line either, but i'm stuck now! love it

  3. You did a good job on Summer Glau with Mary Lou Manizer, she looks gorgeous and perfect for the role.

  4. thank you so much...... she was easy.....lol.. i gave some more that i can post a swell.

    1. Oh great, please do that!
      I wrote a news on your lovely photo and comment at fansite Summer Glau Wiki, btw. I hope you don't mind the plug :-)

  5. You might have done a good job on Summer Glau but she is not 'your actress'.

    1. excuse me? what do you mean 'NOT MY ACTRESS?" I was her personal makeup artist for the film.... if that;s not my actresses enough then I'm sorry.

  6. You also said it was your movie. Is that correct?


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