Tuesday, March 13, 2012



I sometimes like to look into my set bag and makeup kit and see what I have in there that I can't live without. Sometimes it's a product that is a staple for me, something that is always there. 
And Somethings just maybe a passing trend. but share with you I will do, cause I love to turn people on........

Who doesn't love and use KLEENEX? It's a must must have in any artist set bag , kit or Trailer. If they don't have any, run...... I adore these mini pocket pouches, first off they're adorable and creative and come in amazing prints. and they're perfect for an actors set bag. oh and cheap! avail anywhere Kleenex brand is carried.. SNEEZE SNEEZ!

check out these amazing old school ads.. fun huh?

These are by far my favorite tweezers these days. I mean look at them, they're so funky and cleaver. TWEEZERMAN brand is to me the top shelf, you can't get better then this.
Check out the amazing selection of funky cool tweezers and of course there more traditional ones as well. tweezerman.I got mine at sephora


I started using Duwop's REVOLUTION
the minute they released it. It does what i need it to do and it doesn't stain, LOVE THAT! face it, you never know when someone's white ass leg are going to need some color! 
$28.00  duwop/sephora

OK I went on an on-line search for this company. NADA! at least i couldn't fine any info.
But i can tell you that I can't live without these.  They are perfect for personal actor bags. i don't like the idea of people sharing nail files. right?  So i found these  at the 99cent depot in Culver City..$1.00 can't beat that, I am sure that you can find them anywhere...they come in various styles too.. fancy!


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