Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product Pick of The Week: Purple Lab

Product Pick of The  Week!

So you like big plump lips right? Of course you do, I know that i do.. Huge Lips Skinny Hips, the yummiest lip plumper equipped with Hoodia, is for every woman who ever craved plump-looking lips that beg to be kissed. There are eight shades: Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines), Mauve Shimmer (Worship Kate), Pink Sheer (Kitty Pole Dancer), Sheer Red (Red Sole),Exotic Coral (Love Your Thighs), Barely Peach Shine (Lychee Martini), Pale Pink (Limo to Lobby) and Berry Rosy Sparkle (Goji Berry Smoothie) . It's light, not sticky, and not tacky and the formula is innovative and glam at once, giving you shine, juiciness, softeness. It's your new dinner party secret weapon, the perfectly chic reminder to avoid over-carbing to the point of oblivion!

Simply clear. Crystal. Love it as a layer over any other lip color or just on its own when you want to give your lips a hit of sheen and moisture.  $25.00 purplelab

pick a shade that  you can rock. or just try them all!


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