Friday, March 9, 2012



I already love Dermalogica's product, but these are my newest favorites. This foaming wash clears up  your dead skin cells and extra oils to help clean your skin and i mean deep clean. Clears up breakouts from your face, back and well every where.  The salicylic acid gets in deep to help clear all the oils trapped in your skin that cause bacteria. Orange Peal Oil revives and energizes & refreshes.. YUM!

Tips: Lather in your hands then massage over damp face, neck ...? then rinse. easy!


This refreshing mist splashes over skin to control shine and keep breakouts at bay. Instantly cools. Instantrefreshes. Sesame Seed Extract helps control surface oil and shine, especially in the T-zone. Licorice, Burdock, and Argan extracts help hydrate, calm, and shield skin from environmental exposure. Amazing! $18.00 Clean Start

 TIPS: After cleansing, spritz over face and body with eyes closed. 
check out all there stuff, you will love it!


Well it seems KATY PERRY has her eye on more them pop music and nail polish.....
she's going into the Peeper lash biz......and what I see here, I Adore this big, beautiful with layered effect. There very wearable and flattering. all lashes are 100% handmade too. oh, and there reusable ladies... brought to you via Eylure!
$6.99  ULTA

lookin' good!

OMG! I have a thing for nail polish, thou I only ever wear it on my toes. So when i take my socks off at the beach  I have a little flare.. I came across
The Balm HOT TICKET nail Polish. Color's galore... $10.00 THEBALM

  • Pale in Comparison
  • I Take my coffee matte & black
  • Oh my Goth
  • Root Beer Gloat
  • Nothing rhymes with Purple
  • Girls just wanna have Plum
  • A Fushcia too Many
  • Lilac any Sense
  • Don’t Pink & Drive
  • Sky Blue right past You
  • A Case of the Blues
  • Let’s make a Teal
  • Jade in the USA
  • Grass is(nt) always Greener
  • Hella Yella
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Orange you glad you’re not Blue
  • Pink of Swim
  • Coral Reef-ined
  • The missing Pink
  • Magneta Disposition
  • Red from Cover to Cover
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • That’s Red-iculous
  • Candy Apple-A-Day
  • All you ever do is Taupe
  • Call me Iridescent
  • Silver Spoon Me
  • Don’t Metal in my Business
  • You’re so hot and gold
  • ZZ Top Coat (top coat)
  • I’m Base and I came to get Down (base coat)
  • Time for a Quicky (Quick Dry Coat)

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